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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paid Web Hosting vs. Free Web Hosting

Web hosting is a kind of service which helps your website to become accessible through the Internet. Nowadays a lot of companies are ready to offer you their web hosting services granting server space for storing your data. But before you choose one to collaborate with, decide on the kind of web hosting you want to have first. Two major types of web hosting imply free and paid ones each being characterized by certain pros and cons.

Of course it is very pleasant to have something for free but in fact it doesn’t guarantee fruitful results you want to get. Using free web hosting service you are allowed to store your data on the server without paying any fees. This type of service will be good for beginners who want to learn how a web server works or for hosting non commercial personal web pages. They provide little space for uploading files and also have certain restrictions concerning number of possible visitors. In other words free web hosting service is characterized by less traffic amount. As a rule you are allowed to upload only certain types of files to the sever so it may also limit your activity. Choosing free web hosting you should be aware that your website will be crammed with different advertising banners and pop-up windows which may annoy you and your visitors. But you have nothing to do with it because that is the way free host companies get their income and cover their expenses on granting you with free services.

In case of paid web hosting the situation is quite opposite. You need to spend certain amount of money for using the server which depends on the company you choose and on the hosting type you need. Paid web hosting service implies the possibility to use more traffic and thus upload more data to the server and receive more visitors to your website than free hosting can offer. You also don’t have to stand constantly popping ads and can place advertising banner wherever you consider appropriate which of course will make your website look more professional. Besides choosing paid web hosting service you are provided with exclusive domain name and that will make undoubtedly your web page more respectable. All these features are the reason paid web hosting is considered to be the best solution for commercial and business websites.

So do as you think will fit - choose free or paid hosting service according to your own demands and needs.


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