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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paid Web Hosting Types

As you already know there is two major types of website hosting - free and paid services. But in its turn paid web hosting is also divided into several types each of which has its own features and peculiarities. So before you decide on one of the paid web hosting services learn thoroughly their pros and cons.

1. Shared web hosting. The most common type of hosting service which implies sharing the server with other customers of your web hosting provider, but gives you a possibility to control and operate your site with the help of control panel. The cost of shared web hosting service is predetermined by the quantity of server clients. The thing you should be aware of before purchasing shared hosting concerns files and scripts restrictions which can differ, so learn terms and conditions carefully first. Also be ready for the fact that you may not be allowed to make use of some plugins and tools which can influence your work. The most important thing you should make clear for yourself is to decide whether you want to share the server with other users as this cannot guarantee the high uptime because of possible unreliability of some customers.

2. Dedicated web hosting. This type of hosting service is contrary to shared one as dealing with it you don’t have to share the server with anybody. You are provided with full access to server resources and can host one or several sites on the server. If your website requires a lot of traffic and disc space, dedicated web hosting will be the right solution. But you should mind that for such service you need to pay quite a lot as pricing is usually high. In order to work with your website hosted on dedicated server you may also require special knowledge as you are the one who controls and manages your web pages. Your hosting provider will only help with software problems but won’t be involved in setup issues. So you must be ready to act as website administrator.

3. Managed web hosting. It would be logical to speak about managed web hosting service right after dedicated type because it implies a kind of improved dedicated model. Purchasing managed hosting you are allowed to have full control of your website and make use of all facilities you may need for your work. Managed hosting type is also deprived of administrating difficulties you may experience working with dedicated server, and contains necessary system administrating updates and useful software to ease your work. Purchasing managed web hosting you also may rely on support concerning hardware and software issues. But managed hosting service is also known to possess certain disadvantages such as paid support. Apart from very high pricing it also requires paying setup fee. Moreover, if you need help while installing the software you should also pay certain amount of money for support service.

4. Resellers web hosting. This type of hosting service will be the best solution for those who own some e-commerce websites. It gives you the possibility to resell server space to other customers and sometimes you are required to pay certain fees depending on the amount of sold service. But some hosting providers offer a set fee amount for the resources you are allowed to sell. The main advantage of resellers web hosting is the ability to earn money from your own little hosting business. But you should also be prepared to provide your clients with necessary support which includes e-mail letters exchange, phone calls or sometimes live chats. So if you decided to work with resellers hosting and want your online business to be estimated as reliable and trustworthy, you should be ready to spend your time on customers granting them with service they require.

5. Co-location. Co-located host implies purchasing a server space from your hardware provider with further supplying to the host. Choosing co-location hosting service you are allowed to operate the server according to your own requirements making use of any tools and facilities you may need during your work. The disadvantage co-located host may be characterized by is high prices which are supplemented with expenses on system management support if you need it.

So now as you are aware of paid web hosting existing types it will be easier for you to make a choice. Decide on your peculiar needs and preferences and choose the most appropriate hosting service that will satisfy your requirements.


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Paid Web Hosting Types
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